British Columbia Seafood Broker

The Gold Standard in Seafood

Haida Gwaii Select Specializes in providing fresh seafood from the Pacific coast of Beautiful British Columbia. Haida Gwaii Select seafood is of the best quality the West Coast Pacific Ocean has to offer. The pristine nutrient enriched water produces some of the best seafood in the world. Additionally, Haida Gwaii Select only harvests the best quality seafood while utilizing sustainable fisheries best practice.


First Nation Owned and Operated Seafood Company

Haida Gwaii select is a first Nation owned and operated company out of Haida Gwaii with support from the Haida nation. We follow old and new traditional methods of harvesting and processing of seafood products assuring fresh premium quality seafood.

Haida Gwaii select prides itself on achieving the gold standard for the finest quality seafood for the west coast Pacific ocean.